We scan prints, slides and negatives. Each image is scanned individually and viewed one at a time in Photoshop® – correcting minor imperfections, colour imbalances and contrast.

Scanning Prices:

Original 8x10" or lessEnlarged up to 11x14"Enlarged up to 16x20"Enlarged up to 20x24"Slideshow - 1st 50Slideshow - 51 to 100Slideshow 101+
Reflectives (photo prints, newspaper and other things you can't see through)$5.00 each$10.00 each$15.00 each$3.00 each$2.50 each$2.00 each
Transparencies (negatives and slides)$10.00 each$20.00 each$25.00 each$3.00 each$2.50 each$2.00 each

Use this calculator to determine bulk scanning prices if your original prints or transparencies are 8x10 inches or less and the desired digital file size is 4x6 inches.

Here’s how the pricing works:

Number of scans

  • 1-50 are $3.00 each scan
  • 51-100 are $2.50 each scan
  • 101-200 are $2.00 each scan
  • 201-500 are $1.50 each scan
  • more than 500 are $1.00 each scan




Please note: The charges apply to each group regardless of total number of scans.  For instance, 55 scans will cost $3.00 for each scan up to 50 ($150.00) then the remaining 5 will cost $2.50 each ($12.50)


Bulk Scanning Info

  • Any number of scans
  • All images are scanned to approximately 4x6 inches at 300 dpi
  • Saved as jpegs
  • Individually adjusted and corrected

Use this calculator to determine prices of scans when the original is larger than 8x10 inches