Projector Film to DVD or MP4

8mm, Super 8, 16mm… all sizes of reels

Tapes to DVD or MP4

We can convert VHS, Compact VHS, Mini DV, High 8 Cassettes, Beta

LP (Vinyl Records) to CD or MP3

Complete with all the “pops and clicks”

Video and Audio Transfer located in Barrie Ontario Canada

Convert your old 8mm, Super 8, High 8, VHS, Compact VHS, Beta, 16mm to DVD or MP4 using our video transfer service. Convert almost any audio format to CD or MP3.

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video cassettes

Video Cassettes

Projector Film

Projector Film

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DVD/CD Copies

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Audio Conversion

Photo of Record

LP to CD

Video Transfer Details

Sometimes it’s the little things in video transfer that make a difference.  Like taking out those times when the camera is on but nothing’s being recorded. Or removing old bits of taped over television shows…