Tapes to DVD or MP4

We can convert VHS, Compact VHS, Mini DV, High 8 Cassettes, Beta

Projector Film to DVD or MP4

8mm, Super 8, 16mm… all sizes of reels

LP (Vinyl Records) to CD or MP3

Complete with all the “pops and clicks”

Audio Tape Transfer to CD

Extreme Imaging- audio.jpgAudio Cassettes to MP3 files– $19.99 for each cassette

Please note: Audio converted to audio CDs (the ones that will play in cd players) can only play for 70 minutes (the limit of audio CDs). Audio converted to MP3 files and put on data cd’s (the ones you can load in your computer) can hold many hours of audio.  That’s why we convert audio first to MP3 files and then transfer them to data CDs.  If you’d like them on audio CDs, it’ll likely end up costing you more because in all likelihood your audio won’t fit onto just one CD.

Magnetic Audio Reels (transferred to CD as MP3 files):

  • 3″ Audio Reel – $22.99 for each reel
  • 4″ Audio Reel – $33.99 for each reel
  • 5″ Audio Reel – $52.99 for each reel
  • 7″ Audio Reel – $67.99 for each reel


Audio is saved in MP3 format onto a CD because most reels are much longer than a CD can hold as CD-Audio format. If needed (to play on CD players not capable of playing MP3 format) we can burn onto multiple CD’s for an additional charge of $10.00 for each CD needed to hold the contents.


Common Questions:

  • Q: What format is the completed CD?   A: Data CD containing MP3 audio.  If requested, we can transfer to audio CD but because they can only hold 70 minutes of audio, that option will end up costing more.
  • Q: How long does it take to transfer audio?   A: All orders will be completed at the end of the month following when the order was originally processed. (IE: If an order was taken in during September, it will be ready at the end of October)
  • Q: What if I need it fast?  A:If an order must be finished sooner than 4-7 weeks from drop off date, an additional charge of $50 is required and we can have your order completed in 2-3 weeks.

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Video Cassettes

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Projector Film

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Audio Conversion

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