Need Identification Photos?

No problem... Passport Photos (all countries), Permanent Residence, Visa Photos, Citizenship, Pilot's license, Private Investigator, Gun license... all guaranteed to be accepted. And ready in about ten minutes.  No appointment necessary.

Extreme Imaging Passport Photo FAQ (frequently asked questions)

"What if I need a different coloured background for my photo?"
Some countries require grey, cream or even blue backgrounds for their identification photos.  No problem.  We can meet the requirements of all identification photos from all countries.

"Can I have a digital copy of my photo?"

Yes, for an additional $5.00 plus tax we can provide you with a digital copy (high resolution jpeg) of your photo.  We prefer you to bring in a USB stick but even if you don’t have one with you, we can email it to you.

"I need more than 2 photos... will I be charged double?"
No, you won’t be charged double for extra sets.  Each additional set of 2 photos is only an additional $5.00 plus tax.

"Do I need to make an appointment for passport photos?"
No appointment required.  Passport (and all other identification photos) are first come, first served.  You’ll usually have your photos in about 10 minutes or so.

"Do babies need their own passport photos?"
Yes they do.  There was a time when infants and children could travel on their parents passports but that’s no longer the case.  Even a 1 day old baby, if travelling, needs it’s own passport.

"Why can't I smile for my photo?"
It’s because of “Photo Recognition Software” which is used at some border crossings.  Because you may be a little stressed out if you’re detained at the border and asked to stand in front of a camera so a computer program can compare a new photo of you, to the one on your passport, it’s better that you look stressed out on your passport… less chance of a false reading by the computer.