Volume Pricing

We offer discounted pricing for – Artists and Photographers (including students), Businesses, and anyone that orders prints from us on a regular basis.  If you’re not sure if this applies to you, send us an email and ask… we’ll get back to you real quick.
Important – discounted pricing only applies to print-ready digital files. For instance, if you upload a file for an 8×10 print but it isn’t sized or cropped to 8×10, then regular pricing will apply, up to a maximum of $7.00 extra per file.
As an example, a volume priced 8×10 is $5.11 plus tax but if your file isn’t print-ready, we’ll charge the regular retail price of $11.11 plus tax. A volume priced 16×20 is priced at $20.44 but if we need to crop or adjust your file, we add a $7.00 surcharge for a total of $27.44 instead of the regular retail price of $44.44 plus tax.
Please note: There is a minimum charge of $5.00.  And, for prints smaller than 4×6 inches, there will be a $5.00 cut charge added to the price of the prints.

You can send us images for quoting or printing