Tapes to DVD or MP4

We can convert VHS, Compact VHS, Mini DV, High 8 Cassettes, Beta

Projector Film to DVD or MP4

8mm, Super 8, 16mm… all sizes of reels

LP (Vinyl Records) to CD or MP3

Complete with all the “pops and clicks”

video cassettesVideo Cassette Transfer to DVD

Video Cassette Transfer from all formats – VHS, Compact VHS, High 8, Mini DV, Beta, PAL. We upload all video cassettes to one of our editing computers. From there, we take out blank scenes and any other parts of the video cassette that aren’t watchable.
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Common Questions:

  • Q: What format is the completed DVD?   A: Each video transfer order is edited at our studio in Barrie, Ontario, Canada to remove damaged/unwanted scenes and burned to NTSC DVD.  We can also create PAL format DVDs but because of the difference in frame rate, the sound will be slightly out of sync.
  • Q: Do I just get a plain looking DVD back with no editing?   A: For all video transfers, colourful intro menus are added to the beginning of the DVD, transitions are added in between scenes and the completed disc is packaged professionally, including printing directly on the DVD itself.
  • Q: What about if I want some special effects added?   A: Pro Editing Charge applies when custom editing is requested.  That starts at $49.99 per cassette (or per order for reel to reel)
  • Q: I’m pretty sure my old movies don’t have sound.  Do you add music?  A: Video filmed without sound is given background music (instrumental is common, although songs suitable to the year the video was filmed can be used too). If you’d like to supply your own music, just bring it in and we can add it no problem.
  • Q: How long does it take to transfer video?   A: All orders will be completed at the end of the month following when the order was originally processed. (IE: If an order was taken in during September, it will be ready at the end of October)
  • Q: What if I need it fast?  A: If an order must be finished sooner than 4-7 weeks from drop off date, an additional charge of $50 is required. Cassettes can usually be done within 2 days. Note: Film Reels, PAL and BETA tapes cannot be done sooner than 2 weeks.

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video cassettes

Video Cassettes

Projector Film

Projector Film

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DVD/CD Copies

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Audio Conversion

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