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  • High quality printing on acid-free materials including canvas, watercolor paper and other specialty photo papers (even new metallic papers).
  • Video Transfer Ontario Canada to DVD from 8mm, Super 8mm, High 8 cassettes, VHS and compact VHS, and mini dv.
  • Art reproduction.  Whether you’re an artist or just want one of your kid’s first finger paintings reproduced as a giclee (fancy word for a really good print).
  • Montages – a great way to combine and display photos. Anniversaries, graduations and memorials are just a few of the occasions that be made even better with a montage.
  • Passport Photos taken at our studio in Barrie, Ontario, Canada are guaranteed to be accepted.

Great photo restoration, photo repair, and photo editing, including explanations of picture fix techniques. Accurate art reproduction (giclee prints). We can fix your damaged pictures and even reproduce your digital images by printing them on canvas. In addition to photo restoration we can also colourize black and white photos. You’ll love our photo montages or collages. We can change backgrounds of pictures so you’d never know. And even add or remove people from photos.

Our passport photos (we have a  $11.99 coupon for a set of 2) are ready in about 10 minutes and are guaranteed to meet Canadian standards.  We can produce I.D photos for any country. It’s usually better if you bring your application form (for countries other than Canada, U.S., and U.K) but not always necessary.

When it comes to photo restoration, the best way for us to fix your pictures is for you to bring them in to our studio, but sometimes that’s not possible. Instead, the photos can be sent to us by courier, or you can scan the original photo and send it to us via our file uploader.  Or email it to us. Photo restoration (or repair) is very detailed work and therefore if you are scanning your own photos, we recommend you follow these scanning tips. If you have questions, just contact us.  We’ll answer.

This site has a lot of examples of our work.  And, if you have the chance, drop by our studio and see some of the samples in person. It’s always nice to hear the stories behind the pictures.