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Want to call us? Here's our number: 705-727-1139

New facial recognition software can dramatically improve the clarity of facial features. The image on the left has no enhancement applied. The image on the right has been enhanced.p>

Canvas prints

The canvas we print on is 100% cotton.  Our stretcher bars are made from Canadian hard wood from renewable, sustainable forests.

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Looking for accurate colour and neutral black and white prints?
Our equipment is calibrated to print accurate tones and detail, every time. Sometimes photos need a little tweaking to look their best but not everyone can do that on their own. No worries, we’ve got you covered. No more plugged in shadows or green looking black and whites.

Discover Beautiful Prints

4×6 prints for 62 cents each, 5×7 prints for $1.40 each, 8×10 prints for $2.49 each, 8×12 prints for $2.99 each

wow! I didn’t know you could do that

It’s the comment we hear the most from our customers.
Want to put someone into or take someone out of a photo? Or maybe combine photos of people from different generations.

Sometimes old photos can fade or have become damaged because of cracking or staining.

At Extreme Imaging, we can do almost anything with photos, including negatives, slides of any size, prints and digital images.

Pretty much, if it can be done, we can do it.

Revive those old videos

From VHS, High 8, 8mm, Super 8, Beta, mini DV etc -transferred to digital MP4 files or to DVDs.  Your choice.

Projector Film to DVD or MP4

8mm, Super 8, 16mm… all sizes of reels

Tapes to DVD or MP4

We can convert VHS, Compact VHS, Mini DV, High 8 Cassettes, Beta

LP (Vinyl Records) to CD or MP3

Complete with all the “pops and clicks”

Bringing art reproduction into focus

Art reproduction by artists. Attention to detail, colour and mood.
Developed by Extreme Imaging, our exclusive method of reproducing art ensures even lighting and accurate colour no matter the size or texture of the original art.

Need Identification Photos?

No problem… Passport Photos (all countries), Permanent Residence, Visa Photos, Citizenship, Pilot’s license, Private Investigator, Gun license… all guaranteed to be accepted. And ready in about ten minutes.  No appointment necessary.

Cool ideas

Check out these creative print ideas. Any level non-porous surface up to 16×45 inches and up to 6 inches thick. Sure gets you thinking eh?

Vinyl Record

Custom Printed on an Old Vinyl LP

Stained Glass

Looks and feels like the real thing

Live Edge Wood

Original art was painted in the 10th century by Chinese Emperor Huizong

What are you waiting for?